Zoning Regulation Rewrite (ZRR) in the District of Columbia

The Zoning Regulations Rewrite (ZRR)
Brought to you by the Office of Planning and Zoning


The Zoning Regulation Rewrite (ZRR) represents a massive overhaul to DC's zoning code -- the rules that determine how DC develops (height, density, types of development around the city).

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DC has had zoning rules in place since 1958. As a compendium, these rules have been amended hundreds of times as needed to address deficiencies in development planning policies. There are decades of caselaw that supports these current rules.

Over the recent years, the DC Office of Planning has sought to rework all of these rules in an effort they claim to reformat and make it easier to use for the public. The ZRR is 1,000 pages long (the current rules are only 750 pages long).


At the end of May 2015, the public was made aware of the final language of these rule changes, as published in english-only in the DC Register.

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Additional "final" edits were made by the Zoning Commission at meetings in September and November 2015. Further, at these last meetings, the Zoning Commission denied any more extensions of time for folks seeking to be included in the deliberations.

The ZRR was passed in December 2015, then published in March 2016 as Final Rulemaking. The new zoning code will go into effect early September 2016.

The ZRR will affect all residents and every neighborhood for the next several generations.